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Pad Wrappers - Solid black All Three Sizes

Pad Wrappers - Solid black All Three Sizes

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These wrappers are solid black and are made from a fabric called PUL. 

Cup, ILP, Disc size holds ILPS, a cup or discs

Medium size hold up to 12" sized pad.

Large size hold up to 18" sized pad.

Reusable pad wrappers are a convenient way to manage using cloth pads away from home for the day.

These wrappers are lined with a waterproof fabric that prevents any messes or leaks from occurring. Simply bring your clean pad with you, stored inside a wrapper and when you change your pad, replace the clean pad with the soiled one and toss it back in your bag or pocket until you are home. They are breathable and help avoid plastic sweating and don't trap moisture like plastic bags would do. Even if forgotten, your pad would be fine to wash and reuse.

Care Instructions

Either hand or machine wash if becomes soiled.

Reshape and lay flat to dry

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