How do I Choose the Size and Absorbency?


The absorbency layers in our Pads:

8"-12" - Moderate                   : 1 Layer of Zorb

12"-14" - Heavy                      : 2 Layers of Zorb

16" Super Plus/Postpartum : 3 Layers of Zorb


Choosing the right size and absorbency of a cloth pad is essential for comfort and effectiveness. Here's how to decide:


  1. Flow Intensity:


Consider your menstrual flow. If you have a heavy flow, you'll want a pad with higher absorbency, while a lighter flow can be managed with a lower absorbency pad.


  1. Pad Length:


Choose the length based on the absorbency and the coverage you prefer. Longer pads provide more coverage but may be less discreet.


  1. Pad Width:


Width varies from brand to brand. If you have a heavy flow, wider pads can provide extra protection against leaks.


  1. Activity Level:


Think about your daily activities. If you're active or participate in sports, you might find higher absorbency pads last longer than lower absorbency.


  1. Overnight Use:


For overnight use, choose longer and more absorbent pads to ensure you stay protected throughout the night.


  1. Personal Comfort:


Personal comfort plays a significant role. Try different sizes and styles to see what feels best for you. Some people prefer thinner pads for everyday wear, while others like thicker ones for heavier days.


  1. Trial and Error:


Don't be afraid to experiment. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect size and absorbency that suits your unique needs. We recommend trying a size before buying a large amount in one size. You might find what you used to use in disposable really didn't suit your needs and now you have so many more options in length, width and absorbency.


  1. Mix and Match:


You can also mix and match different pad sizes and absorbencies within your cloth pad collection to accommodate your changing needs throughout your menstrual cycle.

Ultimately, the right size and absorbency of cloth pad will vary from person to person, so it's essential to consider your own comfort, lifestyle, and flow patterns when making your selection. Don't hesitate to reach out to cloth pad makers for guidance and recommendations based on your specific need