About Us

Welcome to Alea Reusables, where innovation meets comfort in the realm of sustainable menstrual products. I am Alea, the founder and artisan behind our collection of thoughtfully crafted reusable cloth pads. Dissatisfied with disposable period products for years, my journey into reusables was sparked when I stumbled upon the world of reusable cloth pads on TikTok in January 2022.

Driven by a desire to provide a better alternative to traditional pads, my initial foray into creating reusable pads was prompted by the dissatisfaction my teenage daughter experienced with leaks, odors, and irritation caused by disposable options. Fueled by a commitment to find a solution, I delved into the intricacies of cloth pad design and construction.

My daughter requested a 12-inch Asymmetrical pad. While the initial version incorporated a layer of PUL for waterproofing, valuable feedback from my daughter led me to discover Soft Shell Fleece, a thin, breathable, and highly water-resistant fabric. This revelation revolutionized my designs, resulting in a series of pads that offered unparalleled comfort and protection for overnight use.

My commitment to quality and innovation led to the development of the 16-inch Double Flare pattern, addressing the unique needs of overnight protection. As I personally experienced the transformative benefits of my creations, the idea of sharing this passion with others and making a positive impact on their menstrual experiences took root.

Over the past few years, our patterns have undergone significant transformations. I have embraced innovation, ensuring that all our pads are now surged, enhancing their durability and functionality. I no longer rely on those original patterns; instead, I continuously strive to innovate and improve, keeping our designs at the forefront of comfort, sustainability, and performance.

After months of meticulous planning, Alea Reusables was born. Our store is not just a business; it's a journey towards sustainable and comfortable menstrual care. Join me in embracing the blessing of high-quality, handmade cloth pads. Experience the difference and embark on a path to a more eco-friendly and comfortable period.