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HoneyDukes - Cotton Spandex - Washable, Reusable Wrap Wing Cloth Pad

HoneyDukes - Cotton Spandex - Washable, Reusable Wrap Wing Cloth Pad

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Our Washable, Reusable Wrap Wing Cloth Pads, inspired by the enchanting Honey Dukes theme from a magical world. Handcrafted from the soft and breathable Cotton Spandex, these cloth pads invite you into a whimsical realm with a delightful design featuring elements reminiscent of the beloved confectionery store, Honey Dukes.

Designed for a secure and comfortable fit, the wrap wing style provides comprehensive coverage and leak protection during your period. These pads are engineered for superior absorbency, offering a sustainable and reusable alternative to disposable options, keeping both your comfort and the environment in mind.

This product works excellently for period flow or light to moderate incontinence. Also useful for heavier discharge, such as around ovulation or as daily wear. The largest sizes are ideal for Postpartum(PP).

Topper: is a Cotton Spandex. It is soft feeling and breathable. This fabric is 95% Cotton 5% Spandex. Each pad has different print placement.


Core / Absorbancey

The Zorb core is seamlessly integrated into our design, offering versatility between two methods. While most pads have the core directly stitched to the topper, certain fabrics feature a floating core nestled snugly between the topper and backer layers. This innovative dual-method approach ensures a myriad of qualities that set our products apart.

  1. Innovative Absorbency: Zorb is crafted from a super-absorbent, hypoallergenic fabric, engineered to rapidly capture and distribute moisture with unparalleled holding capacity. Its unique construction ensures optimal absorption without the use of super absorbent polymers.
  2. Chemical-Free Assurance: Zorb products are entirely free from PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals, and BPA. The absence of chemicals ensures that Zorb's super absorbency remains effective throughout the lifespan of the fabric.
  3. Phthalate-Free Composition: Zorb is also free from phthalates, including DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DnOP, ensuring a safe and non-toxic fabric composition.
  4. Rapid Absorption: This remarkable fabric can absorb 10 times its weight in less than 2 seconds, outperforming bamboo, cotton, or hemp knits by soaking up moisture 20 times faster. Zorb is the ideal choice for maintaining superior moisture control.
  5. Diverse Fiber Blend: The fabric content of Zorb comprises an optimum blend of cellulosic fibers sourced from cotton, tencel, bamboo, and other materials, interspersed with polyester nylon. This thoughtfully curated combination ensures both functionality and comfort in our reusable cloth pads.

Water Resistant Backer

Backer:  is a highly water resistant soft shell fleece. It pushes moisture back up into the highly absorbent Zorb core layer. It is highly breathable and won't make you sweat or make "swooshing sounds" while you walk.

Fabric content:
94% Polyester, 6% Spandex

Care Instructions

  • Proper care extends pad lifespan.
  • Each pad can last 5+ years with care.
  • Use cooler water for washing.
  • Lower heat settings are recommended.
  • Strictly avoid fabric softeners.
  • No dryer sheets should be used.
  • Limited use of diluted bleach if necessary.
  • Bleach may damage pad fibers over time.
  • Use recommended detergent amount (1-2 tablespoons).
  • Excess detergent won't clean better and may affect pad feel and function.
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