Frequently Asked Questions


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  1. What are cloth pads?


Cloth pads are reusable menstrual hygiene products made of fabric that are designed to replace disposable pads. They are typically composed of layers of absorbent material and a waterproof or water-resistant backing.


  1. How do cloth pads work?

 Cloth pads function similarly to disposable pads by absorbing menstrual flow, but with the key difference that they are washable and reusable. Cloth pads are designed to be gentle on the skin while effectively managing menstrual flow. These pads feature snaps and wings that secure them firmly onto your underwear, providing a secure fit and preventing shifting during wear.


  1. Are cloth pads comfortable to wear?

Yes, cloth pads are renowned for their comfort. Many users find them more breathable and less irritating than disposable pads because they are not made with plastic. They are crafted to allow for better airflow and reduce the risk of skin irritation.


  1. How do I clean cloth pads? See Care page for more in depth answer.


After use, store dry, to wash, rinse the cloth pad in cold water then machine wash with your regular laundry. Avoid using fabric softeners or harsh detergents. Line drying or using a low-heat setting in the dryer is recommended but is not required. If a product is safe and non irritating when you wash your underwear with it then it will be fine for your pads. If handwashing, take care to fully rinse out soap.

  1. Do cloth pads leak?

It's important to wear the pad with the printed side facing your body. The backside of the pad is grippy on your underwear to prevent movement but isn't meant for absorption. When properly fitted and changed as needed, cloth pads are designed to be leak-resistant, with multiple layers of absorbent material keeping you dry. Reusables will outperform disposables of equal length and absorbency.


  1. How long do cloth pads last?


The lifespan of a cloth pad can vary depending on its quality and how well it's cared for. With proper care, cloth pads can last for several years.(Minimum of 5 years)

  1. Are cloth pads cost-effective?


Yes, cloth pads can save you money in the long run. While the upfront cost may be higher than disposable pads, you won't need to purchase them repeatedly.


  1. Can I use cloth pads during sports or physical activities?

Yes, cloth pads can be used during sports and physical activities. They're designed to stay in place and provide reliable protection. Only draw backs is they can't be used swimming or any sport that requires you to sit on your pubic bone(possibly bike riding or horseback riding). I advise testing to see if your activity or sport affects your ability to use cloth pads before investing in a large collection.

  1. Are cloth pads eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Cloth pads offer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable options, significantly reducing menstrual waste in landfills. While containing some polyester fibers, they're designed for long-term use (up to 5-15+ years with care), surpassing disposables in eco-friendliness. These synthetic fibers enhance stain resistance, wicking, absorption, and leak resistance.

  1. Are cloth pads suitable for heavy flow?

Yes, cloth pads are available in different absorbency levels to suit various needs, including options for heavy flow. You can select pads with higher absorbency based on your requirements. Our 16" Super Plus/Postpartum and 16" Gusher pads provide extensive coverage and maximum absorbency. Additionally, we offer Custom Made-to-Order options where we can create shorter pads with higher absorbency tailored specifically to your preferences.


  1. How many layers in your Pads?

    8"-12" - Moderate                   : 1 Layer of Zorb

    12"-14" - Heavy                      : 2 Layers of Zorb

    16" Super Plus/Postpartum : 3 Layers of Zorb

    10”-14” Heavy Gusher           : 4 layers Flannel and 1 Zorb

    16” Gusher                             : 4 layers Flannel and 2 layers of Zorb

  2. Do cloth pads cause odor?

No, cloth pads do not typically cause odor. A metallic blood smell may be present but not the period funk smell that comes from disposable use. They are breathable and do not contain the chemicals found in disposable pads & tampons that can contribute to odor.

Remember that individual experiences with cloth pads may vary, so it's essential to find the right type and brand that suits your specific needs and preferences.